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hi i'm holly! hiya
i like things and stuff. esp america chavez, kirigiri, jolyne kujo, and basically any lady that kicks butt i'm really not picky
i'm prob the kelly rowland to ur beyonce. my eyebrow game grows stronger every day. one day i will catch up to u
if you knew me before, that blog is now mameshibasinspace (and still dead rip, but now it's even more dead. doubly dead. dead x2. super dead. rip)

#series: tokyo ghoul

We are The Muses. Goddesses of the Arts and proclaimers of heroes.

#film: hercules

#character: eren #series: snk #me during my hatoful boyfriend marathon


whatever you say bucky

#character: bucky

Sprinkle villagers and headgear

(part of potential sticker set/s)

#game: acnl #yessss #i'm sry i took bluebear ;_;

#series: jjba

#game: acnl #byE

#series: eva





#game: skullgirls